Manju Mary George is a co-Founder of Intellecap, one of Legatum’s portfolio companies and recently spoke out at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  • Intellecap's Manju George Speaks at Davos
    Monday, January 30, 2012, Bloomberg

    Manju George, Intellecap. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe

    Manju was invited to be part of the Global Shaper Community Young Leaders Forum at the recent of World Economic Forum in Davos. As part of this invitation, Manju also addressed and represented Global Shapers from India at the World Economic Forum held in India and participated in the Sustainable Growth Summit panel and the closing plenary session, Scaling Up Partnerships for Sustainable Growth: The Case for Action.

    Manju made her voice heard in Davos, speaking out about the Sheryl Sandberg panel on Women as the Way Forward, "I''m disappointed. You would expect the conversation to move forward. What I like is that the debate is engaging. What I don’t like is that there appears to be no commitments being made".

    Furthermore, she was invited to join the closing plenary panel alongside two global leaders - Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize winner and Prof. Klaus Schwab, the Founder of the World Economic Forum - discussing "Leadership Across Generations", and to join Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft for a breakfast meeting together with 15 young leaders from across the globe.

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    Watch the video footage of the "Leadership Across Generations" session below.