Accelerating Learning in Africa: The Expansion and Adaptations of Second Chance

Thomas Hatch
International Ed News

With global efforts to increase access stalling, UNESCO and the Global Monitoring Report conclude: “Targeted interventions are needed to reach the most marginalised children, such as the millions obliged to work, the girls forced to stay home and the families displaced by conflict… We can no longer only rely on ‘business as usual’ strategies based on more teachers, more classrooms and more textbooks”.

Accelerated learning programmes, like Second Chance (formerly called Speed School), serve as one such targeted intervention.

Second Chance is a programme implemented by the Luminos Fund, which was founded by Legatum and Geneva Global in 2016. The programme aims to meet the needs of children from 8-14 years of age who have never been in primary school or who have dropped out of school for two years or more. 

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