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Our Investing Principles

Why Legatum is sharing its core investing principles

Investment Principles
by Legatum Capital

Many of the people we have interacted with over the years have asked for investment insight. After all, our business has been built through investing across various sectors and geographies across the world over the last three decades, even if it is our philanthropic work that grabs the headlines.

But we've always been hesitant to share our story. Why would anyone care what we think, what we do, or how we do it? How can we add value that isn't already being given by other incredible investors that we admire like Warren Buffet, Howard Marks or Peter Lynch?

We have reflected on this for some time. What distinguishes Legatum from other investment firms, and indeed the luminaries above, primarily is that our firm is exclusively proprietary capital. All the capital we invest is our own - private and permanent – allowing us to invest in a way that speaks to our values and generates superior long-term returns. So maybe we can add a useful new perspective in this space…

As such, we have decided to share our principles and values in the hope that it might inspire others, as well as continuing our journey of refining our craft with feedback.

Over the coming months, we will explore our core investing principles and start to build a community of like-minded people.

You may ask why we are willing to take a more public profile at this juncture? What's in it for us?

Firstly, we don't want Legatum’s values to be a secret. In fact, we're keen to share them with other investors. Indeed, we believe investing is a noble calling and the more people who pursue a values based approach to capital allocation, the more the world will benefit. While we have made efforts as an organisation to reduce poverty through our various philanthropic endeavours, we believe the biggest contribution we can make is to help create prosperity through the wise allocation of capital to world-class businesses and entrepreneurs.

Secondly, we want to connect Legatum to the right opportunities quicker. That means people, ventures, companies, charities, etc. reaching out to us because they’re aligned with our values. We also hope this will help filter out the opportunities that aren’t right for us, saving precious time for all involved.

And we want to hear from the right talent. Legatum is an amazing place to work and its success is ultimately down to its people and the firm’s culture. Great people do great things. And we hope that the more we talk about our values as a business, the more we'll hear from like-minded people who want to join the business and serve our Mission.

We anticipate using Instagram primarily for this, so head over there and give @legatum a follow. Or, if you want to receive Legatum news directly to your phone, sign up here:

Do you have friends interested in investing? Feel free to share this.

We’re excited to start this new journey with you! Thanks for all your support so far, and we look forward to your feedback as we continue to grow and learn as an organisation.

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