Mail on Sunday issue an apology

Mail on Sunday

On 9th June 2018, the Mail on Sunday ran an article headlined “Brexit's secret Putin connection” which made mistaken suggestions about Legatum, the Legatum Institute and Christopher Chandler. After attempting to resolve the matter with the publication relationally, we were left with no option but to issue a complaint to the International Press Standards Organisation. Following a lengthy exchange, we are pleased to report that the Mail on Sunday have offered the following clarification and apology:

“An article on 10 June said Mr Christopher Chandler ‘runs’ the Legatum Institute.  Mr Chandler co-founded the Institute, and is one of its funders through his business, the Legatum Group.  The Institute is an independent charity run by a CEO with a board of trustees.  Mr Chandler is not one of them and plays no part in the management of the Institute.  We are happy to make that clear and apologise to Mr Chandler and the Legatum Institute for this error.  The article also mentioned a pamphlet from Mr Chandler’s brother’s company, Clermont, that suggested they had linked with Russia’s President Putin to launch a management coup at Gazprom in 2001. Clermont has since withdrawn that statement.”

This apology is the latest in a series of corrections and apologies by leading publications who have corrected inaccurate and scurrilous articles about Legatum and its partners. We are grateful to the Mail on Sunday for setting the record straight.

Corrections & Clarifications, Mail on Sunday (print version), page 2, 26th August 2018.