The Guardian issue an apology to Legatum partner

The Guardian

Legatum is pleased to report that The Guardian has published an apology for the inaccuracies included in its article “Brexiters don’t mind freedom of movement – as long as you’re rich enough to pay for it”, by Zoe Williams, published on 31 January 2018. This story included false claims in relation to Legatum partner, Christopher Chandler, which The Guardian has rightly admitted were incorrect, and inferences drawn from them unjustified. This is particularly significant in light of The Guardian’s reputation for obstinacy and represents another step on our path toward truth.

This apology is the latest in a series of corrections and retractions by leading publications which we have persuaded to acknowledge the truth, and which have ultimately done the right thing by retracting inaccurate and scurrilous articles about Legatum and its partners.

We will continue to champion the freedom of the press, but strongly believe that with freedom must come responsibility: journalists must be required to tell the truth and uphold standards of decency and respect. Sadly, we suspect that we are still facing a long road ahead to ensure that our truth is not twisted or misconstrued.

These distractions will not cause us to waiver in our mission to generate and allocate capital and ideas that help people live more prosperous lives. Accordingly, we intend to continue running our global asset management business by putting principles first, and to continue to create and support some of the most innovative and impactful philanthropic and humanitarian efforts in the world, as we have done for over a decade.

In time, we believe that we can build positive relationships with these various organs of the press, as we have neither ideology nor agenda, beyond our call to build pathways from poverty to prosperity, for all. We hope that is something that everyone will be able to agree with us on, in the fullness of time.

Read The Guardian’s full correction and apology here.