Wishing you and your families well...

Legatum Limited

Our thoughts go out to those around the world who have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and those working tirelessly to curb the spread and help others in need.

We are responding to the call to “socially distance” ourselves by being prudent and using common sense, while at the same time finding ways to lean in and be creative as we seek to be more connected than ever. Being connected and a community is what makes us human, what makes us strong, and will be a lasting silver lining from this season.

We see this is an Unfrozen Moment, where space and time has been created for many of us. Time which allows us to pursue creativity, find new ways of working, embrace new technology and be there for our friends, family and colleagues like never before.

We are focussed on our team’s health and morale and in the midst of all that is happening, we remain with our eyes on the horizon, looking toward our vision of a prosperous world. Furthermore, our Philanthropic Funds continue their work in service of the voiceless and marginalised, which is needed now more than ever.

We are wishing you, your families and your communities all the best.

The Legatum Limited team