Legatum’s philanthropic portfolio includes investments in activities to promote entrepreneurship and free enterprise, programmes to create the policies and ideas that promote prosperity, and initiatives to alleviate poverty.


Why does an investment firm care about helping others? Legatum is driven by a deeper purpose. Our vision is to see a more prosperous world for all, and we are committed to using our capital to help make that a reality.

As investors we search for philanthropic opportunities which offer the best social return on investment. While we seek to have an outsized impact through private philanthropy, we have a heart for, and therefore a particular focus on, the vulnerable and the poor. We undertake thorough research and due diligence, are willing to take risks and are relentless in measuring results.

As a result, we’ve committed to three core areas of philanthropic investment:


Entrepreneurship is the engine of growth and development and a catalyst for improved governance and social transformation. Encouraging and enabling entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to lift people out of poverty and promote prosperity. Legatum has invested in entrepreneurship by founding and supporting the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT and the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) in London.

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Policies and ideas 

Ideas have a profound influence on the formation of society; from the values we embrace individually to the form of government we choose collectively. Through the Legatum Institute in London, Legatum invests in tackling the major challenges of our generation and seizing the major opportunities to ensure the legacy we pass on to the next generation is one of increasing prosperity and human flourishing.

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Through the Legatum Foundation we allocate capital to help the poorest and most marginalised people in society. Always ambitious, the Foundation takes on big challenges such as abolishing modern slavery, ending Neglected Tropical Diseases and getting hundreds of thousands of impoverished children back into school.

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Beyond the direct impact of these investments is our desire to catalyse a movement that will inspire a new generation of generous givers who will use their talents and resources to serve others most effectively.