We believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of growth and development and a catalyst for improved governance and social transformation.


Entrepreneurship is unmatched in its power to generate economic growth, create jobs, and transform society. Entrepreneurship results from and encourages the promotion of law and order, effective judicial systems, property rights, low taxation and comprehensive education; all of which contribute in turn to a thriving entrepreneurial environment. 


The Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT
Location : Cambridge, United States
Year Established

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT is a community hub for students, alumni and faculty who seek to accelerate social and economic progress through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. The Center was founded in order to demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to catalyse transformation in society and to improve global wellbeing.

The Center equips Legatum Fellows who have entrepreneurial ambition with the skills they need to succeed, not just as entrepreneurs, but as agents for change in order to transform the emerging markets to which they return.

Legatum seeded the Legatum Center at MIT with a multi-million dollar investment in 2007 and to date has supported over 220 fellows and held conferences and seminars promoting entrepreneurship, especially in the developing world.

Centre for Entrepreneurs
Location : London, United Kingdom
Year Established

The Centre for Entrepreneurs is an independent organisation which promotes the role of entrepreneurs in creating economic growth and social well-being. The Centre researches and communicates the positive impact of entrepreneurs on the economy and society; defends entrepreneurs from over-regulation, unhelpful legislation, over-taxation and monopolistic large firms; and encourages entrepreneurship as a career choice.

The activities of the Centre are focused on four core areas:  

  • Advocacy: promoting entrepreneurship in the media and with government,
  • Research and campaigns: especially initiatives that improve the public perception of entrepreneurs as well as encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs,
  • Thought-leadership: generating white papers, pamphlets, events and articles aimed at the defence and promotion of entrepreneurs,
  • Resources: providing guidance and support for entrepreneurs.
Demeter Entrepreneurs Support Network
Location : Boston, United States
Year Established

The Demeter Entrepreneurs Support Network was created to enable entrepreneurs to build successful businesses that create and share value in low-income countries (LICs). Demeter is an entrepreneur-centric distributed community of entrepreneurs and the people, platforms, tools and programmes that support them. It is designed to provide continuous support to entrepreneurs for a minimum of three years as they start their businesses. 

The vision for Demeter is to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs in low-income countries and to inspire a new generation of leaders who can communicate the power of entrepreneurship to create and share prosperity. The mission is to bring together a community of passionate, talented, and committed individuals who demonstrate the positive role of entrepreneurship in global prosperity. They support, encourage, and teach one another to take the bold steps necessary to build businesses in low-income countries. The community provides individualised, targeted, and ongoing support, and members share their knowledge and experience to further the understanding of the entrepreneurial process.