Official Site - LEGATUM is a global investment group whose mission is to generate and allocate the capital and ideas that can help people live more prosperous lives.

Legatum is a private investment group with a 28 year heritage of investing in the global capital markets, focused on emerging and frontier markets throughout much of our history.

  • Introduction

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      Value Investors

      We are value investors, and tend to invest in the public equity markets on a long-only, unlevered basis. The effect of inherent price volatility within a transitioning market is amplified when an investor is indebted; therefore our fund is entirely unleveraged.

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      Long-term Perspective

      What makes Legatum unique is that we manage only proprietary capital, making it possible for us to invest on the basis of our convictions and to take a long-term perspective, free from short term volatility, benchmarks and redemptions.

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      Taking Advantage of Transition

      Historically, Legatum has often invested in "transitions" as a country develops or as a good company becomes great, or a once-great company becomes great again.

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      Managing proprietary capital also gives us flexibility in terms of what we do with the capital we generate. Our core investment business supports other Group efforts that we believe can help people prosper.

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      Helping People Prosper

      Through the Legatum Foundation, which has supported over 1,600 humanitarian projects in more than 110 countries; the Legatum Institute, a free-market think tank in London; and the Legatum Center at MIT.

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  • Investment Philosophy

  • A Quarter-Century of Exceptional Investment Returns