The Legatum Institute is an independent, non-partisan organisation whose research, publications and programmes advance ideas and policies in support of free and prosperous societies around the world.
  • Based in London, the Legatum Institute (LI) is an independent non-partisan public policy organisation whose research, publications, and programmes advance ideas and policies in support of free and prosperous societies around the world.

    At a time when democratic capitalism is on trial in many places around the world, we have a vision of a more prosperous world based on greater economic and political liberty balanced with personal and institutional responsibility. And as we are bearing witness to historic political changes in the Arab world and beyond, we are dedicated to the study of political and economic transitions and the promotion of open economies and democracy.

    In an era of hyper-specialisation, our approach is a different one. We seek to lift ourselves out of our silos to think broadly about big issues of the day by engaging with gifted thinkers and practitioners from across disciplines. We strive to explore the foundations of prosperity though the lens of politics, economics, culture, and philosophy, and we believe that studying the past is crucial if we are to think sensibly about the future.

    We advocate a humble and self-critical approach. Ideas and arguments need to be in a constant state of testing, sharpening, and adaptation. If capitalism is moral, then capitalists must act ethically, with wisdom and restraint. If limited government and free enterprise are keys to prosperity, then a vibrant civil society is essential, and each of us as individuals has a responsibility to serve others and our communities.

    LI’s signature annual publication is the Legatum Prosperity Index™, a unique global assessment of national prosperity based on both wealth and wellbeing. LI is the co-publisher of Democracy Lab, a journalistic joint-venture with Foreign Policy magazine dedicated to covering political and economic transitions around the world.

    The Legatum Institute is based in London and an independent member of the Legatum Group.

    Please visit the Legatum Institute website at for further information.

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