• MFI sector will take years to recover

    In an interview conducted by the Business Standard; Legatums managing director Philip Vassiliou says the industry will take years to recover even if a national microfinance law is introduced.  Read the following article below:
  • At 9.3 mn, a third of MFI borrowers are defaulters

    Almost one in every three borrowers did not repay loans to microfinance companies since the industry plunged into a crisis in October 2010. In absolute terms, close to 9.2 million customers (almost equal to Mumbais suburban population) have
  • Legatum Ventures has published a new white paper concerning the crisis in the Indian microfinance sector - Indian Microfinance: Looking Beyond the AP Act and its Devastating Impact on the Poor.  The paper documents the disastrous consequences of
  • The microfinance industry in India is in the midst of the most severe crisis in its 25 year history. The genesis of the crisis lies with the actions taken by the government of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in October 2010, when it passed
  • RISE - Images of Life Change

    In the summer of 2010, Legatum commissioned eight young photographers to explore the Foundations grant portfolio and create a record of what they saw. The result is RISE - a collection of photographs and personal testimony that celebrates hope and