In everything we do, Legatum wants to move the needle. When we encounter a compelling opportunity, need or challenge, our first question is almost always, can we bring something which will produce a multiplied return or benefit?

If the answer is yes, if we are actually needed and if the space is not already crowded, we are willing to take risks to make a difference. We are willing to pioneer new ideas and risk failure in an effort to use our capital and ideas to make a disproportionate impact or generate an outsized return.


Evaluate the opportunity in light of our investment principles and our aspiration to increase prosperity for all.


Ensure that we have the right partner, people and organisations with whom we can collaborate and help to support or scale. The keys to this step are relationship and trust.


Utilise the most appropriate vehicle through which to address the task or execute on the opportunity; it could be a short-term project or initiative, a charity, a business, a partnership, or a fund.


Pilot ideas and rigorously measure our results: if a project isn’t working, adjust it or stop; if it is successful and has the potential to do more, scale it up.


Rigorously evaluate ourselves. We learn a lot through successes but even more through mistakes. We relentlessly capture our learnings and apply them to constantly improve. If successful, we scale and share our learnings so others can benefit.

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