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Charity Talks: Exploring Legatum's Partnership with the END Fund

Mark Stoleson and Ellen Agler appear on the latest Charity Talks podcast with Brooke Dunefsky

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by The Legatum Group

Ellen Agler, the CEO of the END Fund, and Mark Stoleson, the CEO of Legatum, appear on the latest Charity Talks podcast to discuss the origins of the END Fund, its ongoing partnership with Legatum, and the reasons why they're so optimistic about achieving their goal of ending Neglected Tropical Diseases in our lifetimes.

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Legatum first began working in the area of neglected tropical diseases in 2006 when we devised a programme, initially in Burundi and later in Rwanda, that treated 9.7 million people over a period of four years.

Having tested, measured and adapted the programme throughout that period, the picture we saw emerging was that, with the right approach, it was possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate these diseases altogether.

In looking to increase our impact, we felt the most effective way would be to build a model based on collaboration and a coordination of efforts between a number of different partners.

To lead this task, Ellen Agler, previously Senior Vice President of International Programmes at Operation Smile, was brought in as CEO - and the END Fund was born!

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