Legatum is a global private investment firm with a 30-year heritage of long-term value creation.

An Investment firm with a Deeper Purpose

Having originated in New Zealand in the last century with retail, real estate and manufacturing businesses, the firm has evolved into an investment house with a global mandate.

We are distinctive in three important ways.

First, we have patient capital. Legatum invests only proprietary capital, which enables us to invest with a long-term perspective. Freed from the demands of quarterly reporting and the risk of redemptions, we can search carefully for the very best investment opportunities, wherever they may be found, with an eye for realising value over time. Historically, this has led us to invest in markets and companies that are out of favour, misunderstood or going through transition.

Second, we have a distinctive Mission. Our Mission is to generate and allocate the capital and ideas that help people live more prosperous lives. While generating capital is our core business, allocating capital to help others prosper is key to all that we do. Over the years we have expressed our Mission through a wide variety of philanthropic endeavours, including major efforts to eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases, abolish modern slavery and get hundreds of thousands of children back into school. Whether we are investing in global capital markets or funding humanitarian projects, we use the same ‘investor’s lens’, leveraging our experience and unique perspective to move money to compelling ideas that can generate extraordinary returns.

Our third distinctive feature is our culture. We believe that culture drives destiny. For this reason, we take great care in selecting the very best people to serve the Mission of the firm. We look for people with a hunger to succeed and a passion to serve; people committed to excellence, who are eager to build our business and their careers with us over the long term.   


Derived from the Latin word meaning a legacy or gift, Legatum’s name is inspired by the thought, effort and sacrifice of many who have preceded us. We are convinced that what matters most in life is who we become. Through investment excellence and diligent stewardship, the Legatum team is building a legacy to benefit generations to come.